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リハビリとストレッチの違いを深掘りする(リハビリは緩めることも締める事も可能です^ ^)the difference between rehabilitation and stretching(Rehab can both loosen and tighten:))

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皆さんこんにちは^ ^

東京都千代田区 半蔵門駅と麹町駅の間 新宿通り沿いのビル2階にある整形外科クリニック”One Clinic麹町(ワンクリニック麹町)“ 院長の栗本です。

少しブログの更新をサボってしまっていました_| ̄|○


そこで今回は「ストレッチとリハビリの違い」について深掘りしてみたいと思います^ – ^






ストレッチは筋肉を 緩める ことによって柔軟性を高め、ケガの予防に効果が期待できます。反面、実際に怪我をした際の治療には向きません。

一方、リハビリでは上述の通り狙った筋肉を 締める ことも可能です。体のある部分は緩め柔軟性を獲得しつつ、筋力トレーニングやバランス運動などを並行し(締める部分も作り)、弱った筋肉を強化したり、体幹を安定させたりすることで、本来の機能を取り戻していきます。

日常生活では身体の状態やスポーツの強度に合わせて 緩める と 締める をバランスよく行うことが重要ですが、その使い分けに関しても我々にご相談いただければと思います。


  • ストレッチ:筋肉や腱を伸ばし、柔軟性を高めることで「凝り」等の“体の不具合出現予防“に高い効果を発揮します
  • リハビリ:ケガや病気によって“出現した不具合“や“失われた機能“を回復させる事が目的ですが、ストレッチ(緩める)と筋力トレーニング(締める)を皆さんの希望や状態に応じて組み合わせることで予防にも非常に有効です




どのような小さな疑問でも構いません。いつでもお気軽にお問い合わせください^ ^



Hello everyone ^ ^

I am Dr. Kurimoto, the director of “One Clinic Kojimachi,” an orthopedic surgery clinic located on the second floor of a building along Shinjuku-dori between Hanzomon and Kojimachi Stations in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

I have been slacking off on updating this blog for a while.

This year’s Golden Week seems to be very warm, how are you all doing? I think some of you are taking stretches and massages to relieve your daily fatigue.

So this time, I would like to delve deeper into the “difference between stretching and rehabilitation” ^ – ^.

Actually, the other day, when I was really stiff myself, I asked the rehabilitation staff to loosen my body a little, and they said, “If you are going to play sports after this, shall we loosen your shoulders and tighten your glutes? This is what prompted me to write this article. Stretching and rehabilitation are both about taking care of the body, and although they are often confused, they actually have completely different meanings.

Stretching is mainly intended to stretch muscles and tendons, to increase flexibility and to loosen the body. It is effective for cooling down before and after exercise and for gaining flexibility in daily life.

→It is specialized for loosening up the body and should be done before any physical problems occur.

Rehabilitation, on the other hand, aims to restore functions lost due to injury, illness, or lifestyle (work, etc.) associated with exercise and other activities. Under the guidance of doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other specialists, exercise menus are created and implemented according to individual conditions.

→If you experience any problems (symptoms) such as pain, numbness, or decreased range of motion, it is a good idea to undergo rehabilitation.

Stretching improves flexibility by relaxing muscles, and is expected to be effective in preventing injuries. On the other hand, it is not suitable for treatment of actual injuries.

On the other hand, in rehabilitation, as mentioned above, it is possible to tighten targeted muscles. While loosening certain parts of the body to gain flexibility, strength training and balance exercises are used in parallel to strengthen weak muscles and stabilize the trunk to regain the original functions of the body.

In daily life, it is important to balance loosening and tightening according to the state of the body and the intensity of the sport, and we would be happy to consult with you on how to use these two different approaches.


– Stretching: Stretching muscles and tendons to increase flexibility is highly effective in preventing the appearance of physical problems such as stiffness.

– Rehabilitation: The purpose of rehabilitation is to recover “defects” or “lost functions” caused by injuries or illnesses, and it is possible to combine stretching (loosening) and strength training (tightening) according to your wishes and condition. However, it is also very effective for prevention by combining stretching (loosening) and strength training (tightening) according to your wishes and condition.

It is important to understand stretching and rehabilitation correctly and to take care of your body in a way that suits you.

The next few weeks will be a good time to exercise.

What methods are available to prevent injuries and problems, and how to treat pain when it actually occurs?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us anytimeJ